Putting Yourself Out There

When I was a baby, I would scream my head off if my mom put me in anyone else’s arms. I screamed even more than your average bear (or shy baby human). I only wanted my mom – my safe space. I am still like that, in a way, when it comes to me personally, although I have given up screaming in public (thank God). I want to stay holed up in my safe space. We all do to some point.  

That’s why putting ourselves out there is so difficult for some people. Introverts all over the world have felt anxiety rise when they have to pick up a phone or talk to someone they aren’t comfortable with. I was lucky – I had a dear friend who taught me not to be intimidated by others. She raised my self-esteem in ways I didn’t know I needed.  

Still, I think of all the opportunities I missed throughout the years because I was afraid to put myself out there. All the instances I was too shy to raise my hand, all the times I could have taken a step into a destiny that was my dream. But didn’t. All the magical jobs I lost, all the potential loves I never approached. And all the while, I carried a façade with me – an extrovert mask sitting proudly upon my then-introverted face.  

I would put myself under strain rather than have to put myself out there. I wouldn’t pick up the phone to call friends for fear I was being bothersome. Yet, how else do we make a change in our lives? How else can we gauge our progress, or movement and growth?  How else do we make a big, beautiful impact in this world without putting ourselves out there? (If you have attended my course, 8 Simple Steps to Create the Life You’ll Love, you will already know this!)The adage is true: ‘We get out of life what we put in’. Don’t you want more?  

As an adult and in business, I have had to ask others for their opinions of me. I have had to ask others for help, for money, for jobs. And while it did take me years to be comfortable approaching others without quivering in my shoes, because of my friend, I am a pro!  

I do regret the times I held myself back. Especially today. Because today, there are no other times to make up for it. My friend is now gone, forever. There are no more chances for me to call her ‘another time’. No more chances for me to tell her how influential she was in my life. No more chances to tell her what a beautiful soul she was, that I am thankful and blessed to have been in her life, and that I love her.  

So whatever you may be struggling with, or whatever opportunities may be presenting themselves to you, if it makes you reach out and put yourself out there – do it. Do it while you are shaking in fear. Do it while you have an upset stomach. Do it while you have tears in your eyes. Because you might not get another chance – ever. And you deserve more than you have. Don’t miss another opportunity – put yourself out there.

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