The Divine Feminine: In Life, Love & Relationships

In this masterclass, we explore the Divine Feminine from its beginnings in ancient goddess cults through to today’s empowered and enlightened women. Discovering our female (and male!) characteristics through exploring history, mythology, comparative symbolism, psychological study and communication styles, we will examine both societal and self-imposed oppression and vilification of our feminine gifts and discover how to awaken ourselves and navigate our daily lives from within the female perspective, fully embodying our roles in the sacred feminine experience using the wisdom and power we are innately endowed with.

For women who have felt misunderstood and men who want a deeper understanding of their mate.

Topics we cover:
• Goddess Cults/Mythology
• Sexism and Misogyny – is it in our DNA?
• Male/Female Comparative Traits & Symbology
• Communication & Relationship Styles
• Feminity in a Patriarchal Society

Included: A free, downloadable and editable workbook/notes PDF!

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