The Link Between Emotions and Illness

Join me for a 2-hour talk on the link between emotions and illness. Did you know that some emotion-illness links are created biologically by cytokines? Some illnesses can be induced (if you have a propensity for it) simply through a stressful situation (for instance, auto-immune disease). Learn strategies to balance your emotions and stress levels, find out how your personality type approaches your illness, discover how to stay away from the 8 Dangerous Benefits of Despair, and engage and interact with your illness to alleviate feelings of hopelessness and gain control over your symptoms.

What’s in Store?

  • Dive into the juicy secrets of your emotions and discover how they shape your health.
  • Fun, interactive sessions that’ll have you learning, and loving the journey – such as a personality quiz, mindfulness meditation and Active Imagination!
  • Strategies to help you balance emotions, manage stress, and conquer the emotional rollercoaster—all in one place!

Why Join?

  • Mind-blowing revelations that will leave you saying, “I never thought of it that way!”
  • Strategies you can implement right away for a more fabulous, emotionally balanced YOU.
  • A community of fellow emotion explorers cheering you on!

Included: A free, downloadable and editable workbook/notes PDF!

Additional resources: Article: The Link Between Emotions and Disease