The Little Guide to Big Happiness

Are the wrong events occurring in your life? Or, even worse – is nothing worthwhile happening at all? Too many of us lead unfulfilled lives and believe we are helpless to create a significant, proactive change. Creating the things you want in life is simple – let me show you how with The Little Guide to Big Happiness. This light-hearted and easy-to-follow guide identifies simple steps you can take to actualize the reality you want and deserve. With these steps – nobody has to be a victim of circumstance anymore!

“The Little Guide to Big Happiness by Dana Prophet is one of the most delightful, succinct, practical guides for transforming self-doubt and blurred vision into self-confidence and clear goals available to readers. Prophet’s strategies for redirecting negativity and doubt are worlds away from the sweeping platitudes which tend to dominate self-improvement literature. In a series of clearly articulated, impeccably connected and eminently practical steps, Prophet takes the reader from confusion and dissatisfaction to empowerment and focus. The Little Guide to Big Happiness is written in conversational language that will speak immediately to readers of all ages and levels of experience. In a series of personal anecdotes backed up with cogent and universally sensible advice organized into specific, easily “do-able” steps, Dana Prophet inhabits the text as an ersatz life coach, spurring the reader on to success and satisfaction. Her “sideline cheer” approach infuses The Little Guide to Big Happiness with a “can-do” positivity that is both contagious and inspiring. As real friends do, Prophet reminds us of truths that we already knew and, because they are familiar, they seem immediately useful on a personal level. This personable, compassionate approach, along with the common-sense maturity of Prophet’s suggestions, accounts for a great deal of this powerful little volume’s value and ensures a wide appeal. The Little Guide to Big Happiness by Dana Prophet is a rare gem in the world of motivational literature: a practical, down-to-earth, wise and caring personal guidebook for reshaping one’s life, one sensible and focused step at a time”.

– Rich Follett

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