Workshop: Turn Your Inner Bully into an Ally!

Are you in control of your inner narrative, or do you have an inner bully taking control of your life? You know the one – the one who says “You aren’t good enough, tall enough, small enough, smart enough, etc …”. What if I told you this inner bully of yours was actually your protector? The one who wants to protect you from rejection, and from hurting yourself or even others?

It’s true – and in this 8-week course using Active Imagination, we are going to personify your inner bully, sketch it out, and talk with it over the course of this program, unmasking the meaning of the message your bully is sending you. After this course, don’t be surprised if your inner bully turns into your knight in shining armor!

What Will I Get?

  • A private community group on Facebook to share your feelings, epiphanies, and wins with fellow participants in a safe environment
  • 2 questions per week to ask your bully via the community Facebook page
  • A downloadable workbook/notes PDF
  • 2 sessions per week – a recorded, educational session, and a live Q&A with me

Disclaimer: This course is not intended as a substitute for medical or licensed theraputic interventions.