These online, 8-week courses are designed to help you overcome challenges that are holding you back from accomplishing what you really want (and deserve!) in life. Consisting of 1 video presentation and 1 live Q&A follow-up with me each week, we get down to the nitty-gritty – the good, bad and the ugly – of what is blocking you internally.

These workshops use a technique called Active Imagination, based on the work of Carl Jung (who modernised the concept from ancient Persian Sufism). In this process, we take a concept (illness, inner bully, etc.) and we personify it, giving it form to become a sub-personality we can actually speak with. By putting this character through a series of questions, we witness its transformation into a friend instead of an enemy – one we can use to deal with the challenges we face in our daily lives!

Dialogue with Your Disease

An auto-immune toolbox formatted to answer questions, deal with real-life issues such as spousal conflict, and provide healing techniques and tools to help you deal with your symptoms!

Turn Your Inner Bully into an Ally!

Did you know that the same person inside of us who tells us we aren’t good enough is really our protector? Learn how to transform the one who feeds you negativity into your personal cheerleader!